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Volcanoes and Tsunamis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Volcanoes and Tsunamis - Assignment Example Volcanic eruption creates various landforms such as plateaus, volcanic mountains and igneous rocks. The volcanic ash causes serious atmospheric challenges including acid rain and vision blockage affecting the flight industry. Plateaus, mountains, and volcanic ash are features that occur during eruption. Mountains and ash occur when lava is extruded at high pressure while plateaus occur when molten lava flows under low pressure and covers a wide area. The eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano creates a serious challenge for Tri-state especially because it will disrupt transport and may lead to loss of life because of the thrown up Lava. The state must be prepared for any eventuality because active volcanos may be triggered by slipping fault lines. Preparation for eventuality includes system monitoring for changes in the society. An earthquake in the sea causes massive water displacement which in turn accelerates towards the shores. The volume of water displaced causes serious challenge because as it travels it gains massive speeds which destroy everything along its path. The reduction of sea depth as the wave reaches the shore makes the water to gain more acceleration because it is forced to travel upwards. The restriction of sea depth and weight of the water increases the acceleration and thus increases t ability of the tsunami to destroy everything along its path. Coastal vegetation reduces the impact of tsunami by reducing velocity. Vegetation along the coastal shore will effectively reduce the destruction capacity of the tsunami. Sea depth is vital because it increases absorption of shocks. However, the declining depth increases the height of the water thus increasing destruction along the shores. The collapse of the protective walls of japan is as a result of the earth movements which affected the foundation of the walls by creating fault lines which in turn led to the collapse of the wall after impact. The result of the The aftershocks of the earthquake

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The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Gladwell, Malcolm Essay - 1

The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Gladwell, Malcolm - Essay Example Gladwell talks about the â€Å"storytelling problem† which is essentially a concept that tells how humans develop wrong accounts of their choices and attitudes. Humans create stories unconsciously which support their decisions and actions. I do believe that the state of mind an individual is has a great impact on his/her decision-making skills, and the state of mind is controlled to a large extent by the environment. The author’s process as a writer was generally quite fair. I agree with most of the author’s points, though I slightly disagree occasionally. What I like about it is that the author has attempted to make the audiences realize the impact of the environment on their decisions that they conventionally consider coming entirely from them. This suggests that selection of the right place and the right time are pre-requisites of making a right decision. I find the storytelling problem a little confusing because I personally don’t quite agree that humans tend to develop wrong accounts of their own  behaviors.  

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Richard Arkwright Point of View Essay Essay Example for Free

Richard Arkwright Point of View Essay Essay I, Richard Arkwright, believe that child labor is not only an acceptable practice to allow, but also a necessary one. In many cities there are not enough local people to supply a factory owner, such as myself, with the workers needed to meet demand, and therefore the employment of child labor is needed. I myself come from a poor family that could not afford to send me to school. Instead, I was taught my reading and writing by my dear cousin Ellen. Despite my lack of schooling, I went from being a barber’s apprentice worth  £5 to being a factory owner worth  £500,000! Having to work instead of going to school does not condemn one to poverty for life! I would never employ a worker over the age of forty. My machines need to be managed by young workers who do not have a family or other obligations besides working at my factories. Therefore, without hiring children, there is a limited number of laborers to chose from. Here in Cromford, there are barely enough locals to supply me with the labor I need, so child labor is necessary. Child labor supplies families with another paycheck that they rely on, which is money that would not be coming in if that child was not allowed to work. In hard times like these, everyone in the family must help to support each other. If not, I believe that poverty in this country would increase greatly. I pay my workers up to five-pence and no more. I must keep this admittedly low wage because with all of my workers, even this adds up! If I want to make a profit, I have to keep this wage as it is, especially with the Water-Frame becoming more and more popular every day. The larger the demand on my product, the more labor I need to meet that demand. Two thirds of my 1,900 workers are children, and without them, my business would surely fail. The children who work in my factories get paid the money that helps to keep their families in their homes, and they give me the labor I need to keep my business going. Child labor is not only acceptable, but a necessary thing to allow.

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Physics of Lightning :: lightning physics

Lightning can be defined as a transient, high current electric discharge whose path length is generally measured in kilometers. Lightning occurs when some region of the atmosphere attains an electric charge sufficiently large that the electric fields associated with the charge cause electrical breakdown of the air. However lighting has been reported in snowstorms, sandstorms, in clouds over erupting volcanoes, and been reported to occur in the clear air. Such lightning can take place entirely within a cloud (intra cloud), between two clouds, between cloud and the earth, or between a cloud and the surrounding air. There really aren't differrent 'types' of lightning, almost all lightning discharges occur in basically the same way. However, varying conditions and situations that lightning occurs in make the flash look

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Parenting skills: Discussion Questions Essay

1. What role do you think discipline plays in developing a child’s self-esteem? What forms of discipline best serve the self-esteem of the child or adolescent? a. I think discipline plays a vast role in developing a child’s self-esteem, it determines the way the child will make their decision. Knowing the difference punishing and abusing a child plays a key role. Although both can be considered a form of discipline, punishing a child to harshly can affect them in the long run. They will develop a low self-esteem and become scarred for life. The child can grow up themselves to give unreasonable punishment to children they may have. The forms of discipline that best serves the self-esteem of a child might include boundary-based discipline, and emotion coaching. 2. List and discuss how activities, clubs, or sports, impact the self-esteem of children and parents. Provide at least two activities, clubs, or sports in your answer a. Children that participate in spots, clubs, etc. are more likely to have a high self-esteem. While a child participates in these groups they can achieve and accomplish goals that can higher their self-esteem. When a child is devoted to a sport, striving for a goal, and working hard they become satisfied with themselves as well. Such as volleyball, players working hard on different techniques on how to win a game, that takes time, effort, and determination. After winning, the trophies are handed out, the crowd goes crazy over the win, it puts the child/athlete on top, making them thrilled over what they’ve just accomplished leading to high self-esteem . Being involved in a debate club can provide you a boost of excitement knowing that whatever your thinking is heard and knowledge is being shared with those who are present, after winning against someone else gives you that high self-esteem, knowing you’ve just accomplished a great self-achievement.

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Short Story Everyday Use Mama - 906 Words

In, Alice Walkers, Everyday use mama is waiting around for her daughter Dee to arrive. Here we learn a little about herself and her daughter Maggie, but we hear a lot about Dee; who seems to be very praised. Still Mama knows that Maggie will be uneasy during her sister’s visit, she still imagines her reuniting with her daughter just like on television. Mama starts to remember their life, how Maggie got her scars in the fire, and sending Dee off to school and coming back forcing her beliefs on everyone. Mama wants this to go great and wants her daughters to get along until she meets Dee’s boyfriend and sees her new appearance. After everything starts to get a little better, Dee asks her mom for special quilts from her trunk, which upsets Maggie as she storms off. This is when Mama defends the use for the quilts which is really the right thing to do because Dee does not understand her mother wants Maggie to have them because she doesn’t know the meaning behind them , while Dee argues that she should learn more about her heritage, African-American heritage. Mama finally got to see that her heritage is in, Maggie not Dee. Everyday Use symbolizes their family heritage. The quilts are a part of their family’s heritage because they were made by the mama, her sister, and her mother, who used clothing worn by generations of family members instead of fabric they bought because they were not wealthy. The quilts were a way of bonding which signifies Africans Americans who lived duringShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Walker s Everyday Use863 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† The short story â€Å"Everyday Use,† by Alice Walker, contains multiple different literary elements. History and heritage play a key role in the development and conclusion of this rather intriguing story. Although history and heritage are important, the driving factors of this story are the literary elements. In particular the elements of symbols, characterization, and point of view in this story are significant. The use of symbols in this short story provide a deeperRead MoreAlice M. Walker s Everyday Use890 Words   |  4 PagesWalker is an American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist and wrote the short story, Everyday Use in 1973. Mama is in the yard with her daughter Maggie. They had spent the day before cleaning the yard that they call â€Å"comfortable† and â€Å"an extended living room† to prepare for their estranged daughter Dee that they have not seen in many years. Mama says that Maggie will be nervous throughout the stay of her sister due to her scars from the house fire. Mama foresees an idealistic reunionRead MoreCharacter Uses In Alice Walkers Everyday Use1095 Words   |  5 Pages The short story â€Å"Everyday Use† by Alice Walker begins with the narrator, Mama, and her daughter, Maggie, sitting in the yard that they both prepared and cleaned the day before. They were waiting for Dee, the oldest daughter, that is returning from co llege in Augusta after seven years of education. Maggie is going to be nervous for as long as Dee stays because of the scars and burns marks she got from the fire in their previous house. Maggie thinks that Dee has a much easier life than herRead MoreThe Importance Of Family Heritage By Alice Walker1100 Words   |  5 Pagesa black person (Whitted). One of Walker’s fundamental short stories is titled â€Å"Everyday Use.† It is set in the rural south during a time when African Americans were searching for their own identities. One of the characters, Dee, represents the Black Power Movement. She is intelligent, superficial, and assertive with her desires. She is also attempting to escape from the stereotypes that have defined her (White). By the end of this short story, the reader understands the meaning of undeniable heritageRead MoreEssay on Everyday Use by Alice Walker1097 Words   |  5 PagesSarah Benesh Dr. Susan Dauer English 1102 2 Febuary 2011 Analyzation of â€Å"Everyday Use† by Alice Walker In 1972, Alice Walker published â€Å"Everyday Use† in a collection of short stories In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black women. As better known â€Å"Everyday Use† stood out of the collection, it has become one of few short stories about the conflict black Americans faced after the Civil Rights Movement; The struggle to maintain traditions, whilst embracing new-found freedom, and where the twoRead MoreThe Color Purple By Alice Walker1444 Words   |  6 PagesOctober 2014 RadaRada Alice Walker Alice Walker as a writer, artist, short story author, dissident and women s activist has constructed a well-known notoriety around the world. Her exceptionally acclaimed novel The Color Purple turned out in 1982, won her a Pulitzer Prize in 1983 and the American Book Award, the first African American lady to win these two grants. (Alice) Everyday Use is one of her famous and grand short stories in which she addresses the problem of African and Americans who wereRead MoreEveryday Use By Alice Walker1111 Words   |  5 PagesIn some stories, characters can face conflicts in their culture. Alice Walker highlights and distinguishes the dissimilarities and clichà © of country African American women with the actualities that make up their lives. Characterized by short, compound sentences, with long adjectives and use of literary elements, her style is eloquent conversational and authentic. Alice Walker’s short story, Everyday Use is stylistic, ironic and narrates profound interpre tation of unique views and approaches to African-AmericanRead MoreEveryday Use By Alice Walker1031 Words   |  5 Pages The short story, â€Å"Everyday Use†, was written by Alice Walker. She has a well-known reputation worldwide from being a novelist, poet, short story writer, activist and feminist. Many of Walkers writings discuss issues facing African Americans. For her short story, â€Å"Everyday Use†, Walker focuses points on African Americans lacking understanding for their heritage. She uses a quilt as a symbol of heritage for her characters, Mama, Maggie and Dee. Alice Walker was the youngest of eight of aRead MoreEveryday Use Analytical Essay973 Words   |  4 Pagesheritage in the short story â€Å"Everyday Use,† by Alice Walker. The author shows the way of living, of a family to display the reader the way heritage is forgotten and, or ignored. In this short story the author uses a mother, and two daughters, Dee and Maggie, to demonstrate how different the thoughts are between a family and how they honor their heritage. Maggie is used in the story to show the reader how heritage is still followed and respected in a family. The narrator, Mama, describes Maggie’sRead MoreThe Meaning Of Heritage In The Color Purple By Alice Walker771 Words   |  4 Pages1973, she released the story collection In Love and Trouble which included the short story â€Å"Everyday Use.† Alice Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† displays the theme of the meaning of heritage through irony and symbolism. Walker uses irony, which results in conflict, to display that Dee has not grasped the true meaning of heritage. Dee had so badly wanted to escape her past that she had created a life of her own away from Mama and Maggie. When she returns from college she explains to Mama she had changed her

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Social Behaviors Of Children With Learning Disabilities Essay

Introduction Learning Disabilities is a growing sensation throughout the world.Many people pass by children with a learning disability without notice. Unlike other disabilities, a learning disability is a hidden handicap. Students with learning disabilities do everyday things like going school and living a productive life of sports and activities. Many people believe that children with learning disabilities are lazy and are not determined, this idea is not true. Many students do not know what they are capable of and are scared to reveal their learning disability because they fear people will look down on them. It is a teacher’s responsibility in the classroom to become aware of these disabilities and to accommodate to these children to the best of his or her ability. Section One: Becoming aware of academic behaviors and social behaviors of children with learning disabilities is very important. I was able to observe a second grade self contained classroom that contained 5 children with learning disabilities. Having the opportunity to observe in the classroom made me aware of different behaviors from students. I noticed a lot of different behaviors from the children with learning disabilities, from how they behave when doing work and how they interact with others. According to (Brooks,Floyd,Robins Chan), children learning disabilities lack social skills which then disrupts their social functioning. While observing the class I took key notes in social behavior. WhileShow MoreRelatedExtracurricular Activities And Children With Intellectual And Specific Learning Disabilities1211 Words   |  5 Pagesdevelopment of social skills in children with intellectual and specific learning disabilities the authors begin to explain why children with intellectua l and specific learning disabilities social skills are absent. According to Brooks, Floyd, Robins, and Chan, â€Å"participation in social activities is positively related to children’s social adjustment, but little is known about the benefits of activity participation for children with intellectual and specific disabilities† (2015, p. 678). Children typicallyRead MoreDifferent Treatment Methods For Children With Learning Disabilities1310 Words   |  6 Pagespaper is to define, diagnose, and explore different treatment methods for children with learning disabilities. By considering various empirical studies conducted by researchers, the neurologically based processing disorder will be explored. Children diagnosed with learning disabilities can achieve academic success when they receive overall support from medical professionals, educators, parents, and society. Quite simply, children learn in different ways despite factors associated with their level ofRead MoreEduca tional Policies For Students With Learning Disabilities Essay1117 Words   |  5 PagesOne of the main goals of education is to include students with learning disabilities in general education. This means that it is critical for general educational teachers to meet the needs of a diverse group of students with various learning styles and performance levels. Peer tutoring is an instructional learning strategy that allows educators to assist a diverse group of students. (Hughes Fredrick, 2006). Peer tutoring is not a new concept, but it has been empirically shown to be an effectiveRead MoreEducation Is A Fundamental System Essay1713 Words   |  7 Pagesdiagnosed with a learning disability.Learning disabilities have been a controversial issue in America for as long as we know. Due to these factors, many individuals are shunned from their communities and are treated as social outcasts. In 1975, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) was brought to light in America. This insure d equality in the educational needs of all children with disabilities. Despite the reform actions being stressed upon the concern for equal education for children with disabilitiesRead MoreEducating Special Needs Students Essay1347 Words   |  6 Pagestask of teaching children with disabilities can be even more challenging. One of the most challenging tasks that a teacher today may have to preform is effectively teaching children with disabilities. There are several types of disabilities a child may have including but not limited to intellectual disability, autism, severe disabilities, and multiple disabilities. Intellectual Disability According to the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), an intellectualRead MoreEducation: Inside the Classroom Inclusion835 Words   |  3 Pagesin the way they feel comfortable. The peers in the class without disabilities, in essence, are learning a second language because they too need to be able to communicate with their peers (Kliewer). Along with the students growing in communication, teachers themselves grow in their knowledge and expertise with the different forms of communication skills. Behavior and social skills are learned when children with and without disabilities are included together in a classroom. According to a study doneRead MoreEarly Intervention : Positive And Negative Effects On Child Behavior And Development1592 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferential environmental experiences, particularly for children with developmental disabilities. Overtime however, numerous studies have demonstrated that environmental enrichment or deprivation can respectively have positive and negative effects on child behavior and development (Blacher, Horner, Odom Snell, 2007). Hence, early intervention is beneficial in order to optimize the development outcomes of infants and toddlers with disabilities or those who are at risk. The goal and purpose of earlyRead MoreExceptional Children813 Words   |  4 PagesAll children exhibit differences from one another in terms of their physical attributes (e.g., some are shorter, some are stronger) and learning abilities (e.g., some learn quickly and are able to remember and use what they have learned in new situations; others need repeated practice and have difficulty maintaining and generalizing new knowledge and skills). The differences among most children are relatively small, enabling these children to benefit from the general education program. The physicalRead MoreThe Different Types Of Disabilities876 Words   |  4 Pages The different types of disabilities In today’s society, there are numerous of disabilities that people struggle with on a daily bases. These disabilities have to be address in academic environment, especially for children. In an academic environment educators have to be able to identify intellectual disabilities, autism, multiple disabilities, and design a curriculum that will help develop their learning skills.† As a matter of policy and mandate, meaningful literacy education must be providedRead MoreGroup Counseling For Children And Adolescents1630 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Group Counseling Individuals with learning disabilities have a particularly high incidence of mental health problems and are often assigned what is known as dual diagnosis. The lack of research in counseling this client group and the need for counselors to show that they are not discriminatory in their practices and are compliant with anti-discriminatory legislation adds to the case for placing inclusion/exclusion in counseling in the public arena (Pattison, 2006, p. 547). Introduction Are